The Power of Vitamin Infusions: Why They’re More Effective Than Oral Supplements

Making sure that your body receives the correct vitamins and nutrients is vital for creating a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. These days many people turn to oral supplements in order to achieve this, although there are often more effective routes available. Vitamin infusions – which involve receiving concentrated vitamins intravenously – are therefore gaining in popularity due to their many benefits over traditional oral supplements. In this post, we’re exploring some key reasons why you might consider a vitamin infusion over the standard oral supplement.

Greater Bioavailability

When you take an oral supplement, the vitamins like any food stuff must first be processed through the digestive system. Until the supplement has been digested, they can not be moved on and eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. This process can actually significantly reduce the amount of nutrients the body receives with some of the vitamins being depleted in the digestion process. Vitamin infusions on the other hand are delivered more directly to the bloodstream. This means they reach their intended targets more efficiently, allowing for a much higher degree of bioavailability. Ultimately this will result in a fast and more efficient absorption of the vitamins.

Tailored to your needs

We are all different in our physical nutrient needs so one size rarely fits all when it comes to supplements. Oral supplement will generally contain a particular amount of vitamins, which may or may not be exactly how much your body needs. Administering vitamins by infusion, we can tailor the concentration of vitamins to meet your specific needs. This helps to correct any deficiencies and ensures an optimal balance of nutrients.

Faster results

When time is of the essence one of the most significant benefits of vitamin infusions over oral supplements is the speedy results provided. Oral supplements can take hours or even days to deliver their full effects. In contrast vitamin infusions often begin acting immediately after delivery into the bloodstream. than you would with an oral supplement. This means there are benefits to be felt they will be more immediate with infusions than via a supplement pill.

Avoiding digestive issues

Some supplements can be harder on the digestive system which can be a problem for those who may have digestive issues. In some cases, taking oral supplements can even exacerbate already-existing digestive issues. This is obviously not an issue with vitamin infusions. Without the need to digest a pill the vitamins can still be obtained without further digestive distress

Long-term gains

Because oral supplements do often experience some loss of nutrients through the digestive process this can mean they do not last as well inside the body.  Receiving vitamin infusion treatment, however, allows for more long-term benefits. You will notice improved energy levels, better skin health, and improved mental sharpness, to name but a few.


Oral supplements will always remain an accessible, easy and popular option, but it’s clear that vitamin infusions offer a range of benefits that can’t be ignored. The results are faster, there is greater bioavailability, and the possibility for a tailored approach to your precise needs. Overall vitamin infusions can provide the long-term solution you need for a healthier, more fulfilling life. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of vitamin infusions or discuss whether they might be right for you, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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