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Since 2012, Vida-Flo has been the pioneer in the IV Hydration and Vitamin Infusion industry. In the last 9+ years we have provided over 100,000 treatments to people in 10 states for issues ranging from kidney stones to Celiac Disease. We have helped scores of professional athletes and weekend warriors achieve their goals and speed recovery time. Men and women of all ages utilize our therapies to improve their overall wellness and be more beautiful with healthier skin and hair. And yes, we definitely are the quickest, most effective and efficient way to recover from a hangover. Vida-Flo helps you stay 100% hydrated from the INSIDE-OUT.

We look forward to treating you for the first time or welcoming you back. Our Vida-Flo Family is here to provide an incredibly beneficial and ReVIDAlizing experience in our soothing atmosphere so that no matter how you feel when you walk in, you will feel even better when you are finished.

Hydrated = Happy & Healthy

Make Hydration an ongoing part of your Healthy Regimen

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, an entrepreneur or a busy mom on-the-go, your body works hard to keep up. Taking care of your physical self should be a top priority. World-class athletes, people just returning to the gym and everyone in between can truly benefit from our combination of IV Hydration, Vitamins, Antioxidants and Oxygen. It’s great for your skin, hair, sleep habits and helps relieve symptoms from a variety of recurring or chronic medical issues. Although there is definitely an immediate payoff with intravenous hydration, patients who commit to a continuous regimen find the benefits increase exponentially.

Each time you visit a Vida-Flo location for treatment you have a consultation. Your vital signs are taken and you answer questions regarding your medical history in order to assess your current physical state. This is done to evaluate your suitability for treatment so we can provide you with the safest, most medically ethical service. All of our locations are overseen by a Medical Director who holds an active license to practice medicine as an M.D. in that specific state. Each and every Vida-Flo treatment is time-tested, FDA & Medical Director approved and targeted to the goals, needs or symptoms of the patient.

Are you too ill to get out of bed? Too busy to leave your office? Too lazy to remove yourself from the comfort of your hotel room? No problem, Vida-Flo will come to you! We have staff on-call during business hours to do what no doctor EVER does anymore…make a House Call. If you have a large party (like on a wedding day or post-bachelor party) and want us there at a specific time, just give us some lead-time, preferably twenty-four hours. However, if something has suddenly come up (pun somewhat intended), we will do our best to bring Vida-Flo comfort to you as quickly as we can.

Wellness Program Assessment
Research. Experience. Personalization.

Vida-Flo has treated over 75,000 patients across the United States since opening in 2012. These individuals have provided a great deal of data that we can draw upon to provide you with your perfect treatment. We utilize a combination of medical knowledge, IV infusion experience and individual customer interaction in our automated and proprietary WELLNESS PROGRAM ASSESSMENT. The interactive process incorporates our powerful algorithm to analyze and match your answers with the Vida-Flo ever-growing body of data. The method incorporates all our Medical Director’s feedback and your responses to targeted questions to create science-backed results to provide a recommendation that fits your unique profile.

Take the quiz now and have the results delivered to both the
clinic you plan to visit and your personal email address.

Wellness Programs

Vida-Flo has developed our Wellness Programs to provide IV Hydration options targeted to the needs of our guests. Whether you are trying to achieve Athletic Performance Improvement, need Hangover Relief, suffer from Migraines, dry skiy or have a bad case of Jet Lag…we have something specifically for you.

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Vida-Flo therapies all start with Intravenous Hydration utilizing IV saline and lactated ringers which include electrolytes. An overwhelming majority of Americans are dehydrated from a variety a reasons and that can cause symptoms ranging from a lack of energy to dry and brittle skin and hair.

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Vida-Flo may not provide IV Hydration on every corner in America, but give us a little more time! After opening the first IV Hydration Spa in America back in 2012, we have expanded to 7 states since 2015 with plans to open IV Hydration Spas in six more states by 2019.


Our body is a temple but sometimes we treat it like a tent. You might lose track of everything your body does every day so do it a favor and Treat Yourself. Your one and only body deserves – and needs – some TLC, maintenance, and pampering. So do you, you deserve a healthy lifestyle.


Vida-Flo’s CORE VALUES are the guiding tenets of our organization. They are reflected in every decision we make. We strive to honor these values in all we do to ensure our company culture reflects them. If we don’t live up to them, we want to know


A Bond and Promise
to Care For and Help Each Other


Practice Honesty and Safety
at Every Level


Communicate, Collaborate &


Drive Continuous Strategic Improvement


Align Around Delivering a
TRANSCENDENT Guest Experience


Deliver the BEST Always –

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