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Franchise IV Hydration

Franchise IV Hydration

IV Hydration & IV Vitamin Infusion Franchise!

Vida Flo was created to help people achieve the goal of a physically well-conditioned and healthy lifestyle and is the IV Hydration Wellness concept originator. IV hydration therapy replaces vital salt and vitamins lost during exercise, after illness or even during the rigors of daily life when we do not drink enough water or get the daily recommended vitamins and minerals.

Vida-Flo Wellness Clinics opened our first location in Atlanta, Georgia in 2013. Since then, we have opened locations in three states with plans and commitments to open an additional twenty locations in 2024. Support and guidance is the key to success and Vida-Flo is there every step of the way to help franchisees select, negotiate, and open their wellness clinic. Franchisees are provided the processes, procedures, and playbook on operations, hiring and training staff, local store marketing and the quickest path to profitability.

The Vida-Flo Franchise System is one of the most innovative, scalable, and profitable business models to come along in years. Quick ramp-up to opening, manageable staff sizes, easily controllable inventory, flexible design requirements and terrific margins make Vida-Flo the fastest-growing IV Hydration concept in America.

The focus of our highly qualified and experienced executive team is on franchisee support, ongoing training, cutting-edge marketing, new therapy offerings, and efficient operations. We train and continuously support you to ensure success!

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Initial Investment

  • $125,000
    Liquid cash requirement
  • $500,000
    Net worth requirement

Why Vida-Flo Why Buy a Vida-Flo Franchise

Why Vida-Flo

Vida-Flo’s business model was engineered to be replicated and scalable.

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The procedures and techniques that we teach each franchisee allows for an immediate ramp-up and a shorter road to profitability.

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Executive Team

An executive team responsible for the first the IV Hydration location in America.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Vida-Flo franchise system including opperations and development.

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Vida-Flo is a full-time business with a terrific, proven business model.

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