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Franchise IV Hydration

Vida-Flo was the original IV Hydration Wellness Clinic in the United States. We started with the goal of offering the most effective and medically sound way for people to rehydrate their bodies and deliver nutrients and vitamins. Our targeted treatments allow for highly enhanced athletic performance, promote overall health and anti-aging, boosts energy levels, strengthen immune system, improve symptoms of various illnesses including migraines and combat fatigue. Our wellness procedures are administered by licensed medical professionals in a clean, soothing environment and all wellness clinics are overseen by board certified Medical Doctors.


Vida-Flo offers single, multi-unit, and regional development franchise opportunities.
While there are territories that are already committed, we are offering franchise opportunities across the United States.
The total initial investment to launch your Vida-Flo franchise ranges between $209,350 to $349,500 based on wellness clinic size and location.
Vida-Flo does not offer any financial assistance; however, we do have preferred lenders so that you may be able to obtain financing.
The initial franchisee fee is $49,000.
The royalty fee is 7% of gross sales.
The marketing fund contribution is 2%. The monthly Local Marketing Commitment is equal to the greater of $500 or 2% of your monthly Gross Revenues.
The initial term for the Vida-Flo franchise agreement is for a period of ten years. The agreement may be renewed in five-year increments.
The preferred footprint is 1200-1800 square feet but we have exceptional flexibility. We have opened successful locations as small as 600sqft and as large as 2200sqft.
Selecting a store location is one of the most important decisions you will make. We recommend working with our preferred broker or someone locally with extensive commercial retail experience. The ideal sites are in high-traffic, upscale areas with health & fitness related co-tenants that offer great store front visibility and convenient parking for customers and staff. While selecting a store location is ultimately up to you, each location must be approved by Vida-Flo corporate. We will advise you on the criteria and requirements for proper design and operational execution.
YES! Our staff is highly experienced in the buildout of commercial spaces and will take you step-by step through the process. We will assist in drafting an initial layout of the clinic to provide your local contractor with guidance on drafting your permitted plans and bidding out your project. We also provide you with a list of all the goods and services you need to establish your Wellness Clinic. Vida-Flo has a cloud-based web platform that acts as a virtual store with approved suppliers and vendors to make all purchases straight forward and simple.
The timeline varies based on the time it takes to find and negotiate a lease and buildout. The goal is to have you open within 4 months of signing the franchise agreement.
Before the opening of your Vida-Flo Wellness Clinic, you and your manager will attend and successfully complete the training academy at our corporate location in Atlanta, Georgia. You will learn all the essential aspects of operating a Vida-Flo during your classroom and onsite training. You will receive the Vida-Flo operational kit, operating manual, training manual for in-store personnel, and our point-of-sale system manual. Our team members will also assist with your pre-opening guidebook and grand opening playbook.
Your Vida-Flo operations team will help with opening items including inventory, personnel, merchandising, customer relations, and any other area that can help your facility open smoothly. Your designated Vida-Flo support team member will also provide a 1-week training session in your wellness clinic to make the opening is seamless. Your Vida-Flo support team member will communicate with you on a continuous basis throughout your Franchise Term. And of course, our entire staff, from field representatives to the CEO, is only a phone call away. Your success is our success!
The number of employees is dependent on sales volume, but on average there are approximately 8 part-time and 2-3 full-time employees needed to run a location. You will have 1-2 Registered Nurses and 1 Wellness Consultant and/or Manager per shift.
You do not personally need to be onsite daily; however, we do want you actively involved in the operations to comply with what we expect. If you do not actively manage your clinic, you are required to hire a General Manager responsible with overseeing the daily operations and implementing Vida-Flo operational requirements.
Yes, you will receive protected or exclusive territory. Our standard protected territory is a three-mile radius.
Your Vida-Flo franchise is a business with equity that can be bought and sold. However, just as we reserve the right to approve you as an original franchisee, we also reserve the right to approve any subsequent buyer.
There are three factors which will determine the timetable to open your Vida-Flo Wellness Clinic. The first factor is the length of time it takes to select a location; the second factor is the construction or remodeling period; and the third factor is the time it takes to successfully complete our training program. We expect this to be approximately four to six months.
We are searching for candidates who are passionate about health and wellness and understand our brand culture and franchise business model. Business experience is preferred but not required. Candidates must have a minimum total net worth of $500,000 which includes $125,000 in liquid assets.
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Initial Investment

  • $125,000
    Liquid cash requirement
  • $500,000
    Net worth requirement

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