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Targeted IV Solutions Explore our popular IV solutions, developed to optimize hydration and target your specific needs

Infusion Therapy

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Vitamins and minerals are fundamental building blocks for a healthy body, responsible for numerous physiological functions, from boosting the immune system to supporting metabolic processes.

Consuming vitamins through diet or supplements can be effective; however, the absorption rate can vary significantly based on several factors, including individual metabolism and digestive health.

This is what makes Vida-Flo’s IV hydration therapy with vitamin infusions ideal. Administering vitamins directly into the bloodstream via IV infusion ensures faster and more complete absorption than oral methods.

At Vida-Flo, we offer a variety of specialized IV infusion treatments, that can be added to your Core IV Hydration therapy. Our tailored approach allows you to choose from infusions that focus on improving immune function, enhancing beauty, and more.

Explore our popular infusion options and book now to get your body the nutrients it needs fast and efficiently.

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Our Popular Targeted IV Solutions Add to Core IV Hydration Therayp

Discover our most popular IV solutions at Vida-Flo, designed to cater to various wellness needs. Our specially formulated infusions provide targeted benefits to help you achieve optimal well-being.

Energy Boost Solution

Detoxify your body, energize your system, and boost your metabolism with the purifying effects of our Energy Boost Solution.

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Myers’ Cocktail

Target general health and wellness with the Myers’ Cocktail Solution, a classic vitamin-rich infusion known for its comprehensive health benefits.

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Unlocking Wellness: Exploring the Advantages of IV Infusion

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Our Core IV hydration therapy is the main wellness service offered at Vida-Flo. It is a quick and effective method to rehydrate.

Adding vitamins and minerals to your IV treatment can bring enhanced health benefits such as:

  • Comprehensive Nutrient Replenishment: Vitamins and minerals added to IV hydration replenish essential nutrients often depleted by stress, illness, or poor diet.
  • Rapid Absorption and Effectiveness: IV vitamin infusions ensure rapid absorption of nutrients directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the digestive system. This allows for immediate utilization by cells and tissues, providing fast relief from symptoms.
  • Enhanced Energy Levels and Vitality: Our infusions contain nutrients that support cellular energy production, improve brain health and mental clarity, enhance physical performance, and ease recovery from strenuous activity.
  • Support for Immune Function and Disease Prevention: Our popular infusions strengthen the immune system with vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. This enhances immune response and reduces the risk of infections and chronic disease.
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The Vida-Flo Experience

At Vida-Flo, we prioritize a unique and personalized wellness journey for each client, focusing on safety, cleanliness, and expert care.

Our facilities are staffed by experienced medical professionals, including licensed nurses, who uphold the highest standards of hygiene and clinical safety during every therapy session. We utilize sterile techniques and modern equipment to ensure a secure and comfortable experience.

While Vida-Flo does not provide diagnostic services, we offer customized hydration and vitamin infusion therapies. These treatments are specifically designed to complement your body’s needs, providing a vital boost to enhance your energy, immunity, and overall well-being.

Every visit to Vida-Flo is a step toward enhanced well-being, delivered in a safe, comfortable setting.

Benefits of IV Hydration What you can expect from total body hydration!


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Targeted IV Solutions

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Vitamins and minerals are important for recovery and rejuvenation. Whether you are dealing with aging or the effects of alcohol overindulgence or wish to combat fatigue, vitamins can help with:

Vitamins play a crucial role in recovery by providing essential nutrients that support the repair of tissues, reduce inflammation, and promote cellular regeneration. These actions help accelerate the body’s natural recovery processes, making it easier to bounce back from illness, injury, or intense physical exertion.
Vitamins like biotin, vitamin A, and vitamin C support the production of collagen and keratin, key components for the health of your hair, skin, nails, and joints. By incorporating vitamin IV infusions into your wellness routine, you can boost your body’s levels of these essential nutrients to feel rejuvenated and healthy.

$119 $157 Retail Price

The Revidalizer Introductory Offer
Your Inaugural Visit Includes:
  • Our Core IV Hydration (1000ml + electrolytes)
  • 2 Essential Boosts (regularly $39 each)

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Clients have the ability to book their appointment online or by calling one of our locations.

Our hours of operation vary by location. Please visit the location-specific page for their current hours.

We offer all new clients our introductory ReVIDAlizer Treatment for only $119, which includes the Core IV Hydration Fluid and Two Essential Boosts.

IV therapy works by using an intravenous (IV) fluid drip to deliver saline solution through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. This saline solution may also include medications and vitamin supplements tailored to the individual patient.

During your therapy session, a medical professional will insert an IV line attached to a bag of saline solution. This bag is hung above the patient's head, using gravity to regulate the flow of fluids into the bloodstream. Compared to a syringe or other forced technique, gravity allows for a gradual introduction of fluids.

While the time frame of a single treatment varies from person to person, a session typically lasts 30 – 45 minutes. There are exceptions to this timeframe, such as with our NAD IV treatments, which generally take 1 to 2 hours per session.

IV drip therapy is highly effective in delivering nutrients, vitamins, and fluids directly to your bloodstream. Unlike oral supplements, this method bypasses the digestive system, allowing your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients without any loss during digestion. As a result, vitamins and nutrients are made immediately available to your cells, accelerating the benefits.

At Vida-Flo, we offer a variety of specialized IV blends designed to meet specific health goals. We also provide the option of custom-blended IV treatments to target your individual needs.

The duration of hydration therapy's benefits can vary depending on individual health factors and lifestyle choices. Some of our treatments, such as medications, provide immediate (but shorter-term) results. Our vitamin solutions are processed over a longer period, offering longer-lasting benefits.

Maintaining a regular schedule of treatments can help extend these benefits, supporting sustained hydration and improved health over time.

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The Best IV Infusion

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Discover the best infusion therapy, at Vida-Flo.

At Vida-Flo, we are committed to enhancing your health and vitality in our modern, safe, and clean facilities.

We invite you to experience the Vida-Flo difference. Whether you’re looking to boost your energy, enhance your immune function, or simply maintain optimal health, our therapies are designed to give you the wellness boost you need.

Book your appointment now and take the first step towards a revidalized you with the best IV therapy that has to offer.

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