On The Go

Delivering Care…Anywhere!

We make house calls.

When you’re super-busy, deathly sick, dehydrated, or all of the above, the last thing on your mind is to travel anywhere. Vida-Flo OTG provides flexibility by delivering care to you. We specialize in saving that family vacation, prepping you for the Ironman or getting you back on your feet when flu hits before a highly important business meeting. When time is of the essence, we come to you.

We also work with larger groups and event settings. OTG has been on-site with dozens of bachelor & bachelorette parties, marathon training teams, CrossFit team competitors, wedding parties and Country Club events like Member-Guest Tournaments. Discounts are offered for larger groups (brides and grooms are always free on the wedding day!) and a 24-hour lead-time is encouraged for parties of 8 or more.

To get started, email or call your local Vida-Flo clinic. All contact information is available on the individual location pages. You will be asked some questions related to your location, the size of your group and your specific hydration needs. We may also require some additional personal information to ensure the safety of our medical staff. A deposit is required and taken via credit card. The OTG service is prompt (we have rush available), very affordable but best of all it allows you to relax, prepare or recuperate in the comfort of your home, private office or hotel room.

Once our medical professionals arrive they will assess the suitability of all patients, provide suggestions for treatment and begin administering therapy. Each drip will be tailored to your needs with fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and possibly prescribed medications to achieve your goals.

You can chill and feel supremely confident because you’re receiving your reVIDAlizing hydration treatment from Vida-Flo, America’s Original IV Spa…and you never even moved from your current location!

Pricing may vary slightly by location.Call or email your local store for pricing.

Travel Fee Per Trip


Single Nurse Hourly Rate  (including travel time)


IV Fluids


2nd Bag


Essential & Ultra Gains
Toradol, Zofran, Pepcid, Vitamin B5, B6, B7, B9, B12,
B Complex, Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D, Magnesium

$40 Each



Super Boost 2X Vitamin C


Mega-Dose Vitamin C, Zinc, Glutathione


Myers Cocktail
IV Fluids, Vitamin B5, B6, B Complex, Magnesium,
Vitamin C


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