Treatment for Gout

Gout causes production of higher than normal levels of uric acid in your body.

When too much uric acid builds up around a joint, uric crystal forms, causing the pain associated with gout symptoms.

All sorts of things — from certain foods and drinks to stress and medicines — can cause your uric acid levels to go up. Dehydration can be chief amongst the triggers. In this case when the amount of uric acid in your body rises, your kidneys' ability to get rid of extra uric acid decreases. So when your body doesn't have enough water, you can be more likely to get a gout attack.

IV Hydration can act as both a treatment for and preventative measure against gout.

How Vida-Flo Works

Gout is caused and can be triggered by many things including diet, lack of exercise and dehydration.

Vida-Flo’s targeted treatments can alleviate these causes and decrease your chances of a Gout flare-up.

Additionally, IV Hydration and vitamin infusion has been shown to help alleviate the symptoms once the onset of Gout has occurred. Many Gout sufferers swear by the Monthly Wellness Program Membership to keep the symptoms and debilitating effects of Gout in their rear-view mirror.

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