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How-To Vida-Flo On-The-Go: Middle TN Mobile IV Therapy

At Vida-Flo we strive to provide a clean and comfortable setting for customers to get hydrated at our IV wellness center. But for some people, a drip at home is simply better. Whether due to mobility issues, isolation requirements, time restrictions, and countless other reasons. This is why we are proud to offer our services on-the-go! So that you can get the hydration you need, you need it, regardless of the circumstances. Keep reading to learn about our Middle TN mobile IV therapy services, and in what situations this service may be the best option.

If You’re Super Busy

When you’re super-busy, Vida-Flo On-the-G0 provides flexibility by delivering care to you. Our goal is to help prep you in a timely and convenient manner, regardless of the circumstances. Say you’re getting ready for an upcoming Ironman and have little time to spare between training sessions. Or are feeling zapped but haven’t got a chance to run to our clinic between meetings at the office. In these situations and more, our team is committed to getting you the treatment you need.

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If You’re Chronically Dehydrated

Chronic dehydration is no fun, yet is a common and serious issue – especially among the elderly. For those who suffer from chronic dehydration, drinking water isn’t always enough. Regular doses of IV therapy may be required and are often recommended as preventative care. For elderly patients, including those who have limited mobility, our on-the-go services can be lifesaving. Mobile IV therapy allows for a person to regain a sense of independence and establish a routine. One of our registered nurses will show up at your door with the selected treatment and can deliver it with no oversight. You’re in control!

If You’re Sick or in Recovery

When you’re not feeling well, the last thing on your mind is to travel. Which we respect! By opting for mobile IV therapy, you will be more comfortable and you will prevent the spread of illness to our staff and other customers. The same applies to those who are on the mend from a recent illness or procedure – especially if you are the one at risk of contracting an illness. We would be glad to deliver and set up our popular Myer’s Cocktail (containing a Wellness Blend of B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Antioxidants) or a Super Booster (The Ultimate Immune System Booster Mega-Dose Vitamin C).

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If You’re Traveling with a Group

Enjoying all the sights and sounds that Nashville has to offer? Save time and let Vida-Flo come to you and your travel companions! Whether you are attending music city for a bachelor or bachelorette party, part of a conference or just a weekend getaway, our mobile services are ideal for groups. We can provide hydration to small or large groups at your Airbnb, hotel, or other accommodations. In this scenario, we recommend a basic IV Hydration Fluid Treatment. Which can then be supplemented with Toradol or Zofral, to alleviate headaches and nausea when you have had a little too much of Music City.

At Vida-Flo we are more than happy to come to you! We can customize a visit for you, whether you are homebound or our Middle TN mobile IV therapy simply suits your busy lifestyle. Book Vida-Flo On-the-Go today, or get an overview of the process when you visit our webpage.

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    Thank you for sharing the benefits of Vida-Flo On-The-Go!
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