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How to Get IV Fluids at Home

When life throws you for a loop there’s no reason to postpone your IV therapy appointment. At Vida-Flo we strive to provide a quality customer experience, even if it means serving you from the comfort of your home or the convenience of a hotel. With our mobile IV therapy services, we’re making it easier than ever to feel better faster and stick to your health regimen. Keep reading to learn how to get IV fluids at home, plus learn about our mobile services for groups.

On-the-Go: We’ll Come to You

Although our team would love to see you at one of our wellness clinics located throughout Middle Tennessee, we understand that it is not always possible, or the most convenient option. Whether due to a sudden illness that has left you confined to the couch, or you can’t escape the office. For these reasons and more, Vida-Flo offers On-the-Go services that make it possible to get IV fluids at home.

As with a visit to our clinic, an On-the-Go appointment can also be customized. We start with a 1000ml Lactated Ringer, containing Saline and Electrolytes. From this point, we can then assist you with selecting the best treatment for your needs. For those suffering from an illness or in recovery, our Resuscitation or Lifeflight bag will help boost your immune system and suppress any debilitating symptoms. Meanwhile, those struggling to make it through a long work weak may benefit from our Myer’s Cocktail with B12 for increased energy.

get iv therapy at home

Mobile IV for Groups

IV therapy doesn’t have to be enjoyed alone and is a great addition to your next social gathering or sporting event. At Vida-Flo we cater to large groups, located anywhere, for a $75 travel free. It’s as simple as scheduling a time and day, and one of our registered nurses will show up with the goods. Our mobile IV drips for groups are a huge hit among bachelorette parties and bachelor parties who are feeling a little worse for wear following a week on Broadway. These groups often favor our Dead on Arrival bag containing Zofran and Toradol for headaches and nausea. We also serve competitive sports teams, including weightlifters and runners, who enjoy our Marathon Bag. This drip will quickly replace lost essential nutrients and assist with muscle recovery, preventing post-race soreness.

iv drip for groups

Ready to receive IV Fluids at home? Secure a mobile IV therapy appointment at one of our Middle Tennessee locations when you use our convenient online booking portal. Or learn more about Vida-Flo On-the-G0, including pricing, when you visit our website.

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