Fatigue And Jetlag

Fatigue And Jetlag

Whether you are going cross-country for a big meeting or taking the family on a much deserved vacation, travel can exhaust and drain you both physically and mentally. A long period of heavy travel or even just a weekend getaway can lead to fatigue and jetlag. The leading culprit for this is dehydration. Airline cabins are purposefully dehumidified which causes the water from your body to evaporate more rapidly from simple breathing. Combined with other lifestyle choices associated with travel and germ-filled air that is circulated in airline cabins, the result can be an overwhelming case of dehydration, illness or both.

1000 mL of saline or Lactated Ringer combined with the right mix of vitamins and targeted meds will have you back to 100% in no time at all.

Vida-Flo will immediately address and reverse the symptoms, allowing you to skip the jetlag and return the body and mind to a more optimal state. Our goal is to get you back on your feet to close the deal or put a smile on your face so you can enjoy your vacation!

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Treatment Focus: Vitamin B12

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