Alcohol Overindulgence

Treatment for Alcohol Overindulgence

Why do people suffer from hangovers? Drinking causes you to use the bathroom because alcohol inhibits an antidiuretic hormone. Translation: that fluid you consume that is normally going back into the body, instead gets sent to your bladder. Also, because alcohol is a diuretic, the body’s cells shrink, and even more water gets pushed out to the bladder. All this lowers your body’s hydration levels. In addition, with awareness levels that alcohol is known to impair, you may not realize and some signs of dehydration (like thirst and fatigue) so you may not even realize you have gone way past your dehydration point.

How Vida-Flo Works

What is the best way to treat a hangover?

What is the ultimate cure for having too many drinks the night before?

Without question, it is Intravenous (IV) hydration infusion. An IV eliminates and cures a hangover in minutes. Hangovers are caused because alcohol is a diuretic which causes severe dehydration when used in excess. To combat the dehydration effects, Vida-Flo provides you with 1000 mL saline bags (Lactated Ringers), the equivalent of drinking 2.5 gallons of water. To combat headaches, nausea and heartburn we use targeted prescription medications to soothe your symptoms while the Lactated Ringers take effect. You may arrive at Vida-Flo vowing never to drink again but you will leave with a smile on your face.

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