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We Make House Calls When you’re super-busy, deathly sick, dehydrated, or all of the above, the last thing on your mind is to travel anywhere.

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Mobile IV Targeted IV Hydration Therapy to Combat Dehydration and Nutrient Deficiencies

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Vida-Flo mobile IV provides flexibility by delivering care to you. We specialize in saving that family vacation, prepping you for the Ironman or getting you back on your feet when flu hits before a highly important business meeting. When time is of the essence, we come to you.

We also work with larger groups and event settings. OTG has been on-site with dozens of bachelor & bachelorette parties, marathon training teams, CrossFit team competitors, wedding parties and Country Club events like Member-Guest Tournaments. Discounts are offered for larger groups (brides and grooms are always free on the wedding day!) and a 24-hour lead-time is encouraged for larger parties.

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How to Get Started with Vida-Flo Nashville's Home IV Therapy

To get started, email or call your local Vida-Flo Nashville clinic. All contact information is available on the individual location pages. You will be asked some questions related to your location, the size of your group and your specific hydration needs. We may also require some additional personal information to ensure the safety of our medical staff. A deposit is required and taken via credit card. The OTG service is prompt (we have rush available), very affordable but best of all it allows you to relax, prepare or recuperate in the comfort of your home, private office or hotel room.

Once our medical professionals arrive they will assess the suitability of all patients, provide suggestions for treatment and begin administering therapy. Each drip will be tailored to your needs with fluids, electrolytes, vitamins, and possibly prescribed medications to achieve your goals.

You can chill and feel supremely confident because you’re receiving your reVIDAlizing hydration treatment from Vida-Flo Nashville, America’s Original home IV therapy, and you never even moved from your current location!


On-the-Go Services

Mobile solutions for at home ailments such as:
  • Flu
  • Stomach Bug
  • Overindulgence

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Clients have the ability to book their appointment online or by calling one of our locations.

Our hours of operation vary by location. Please visit the location-specific page for their current hours.

We offer all new clients our introductory ReVIDAlizer Treatment for only $119, which includes the Core IV Hydration Fluid and Two Essential Boosts.

IV therapy works by using an intravenous (IV) fluid drip to deliver saline solution through a small catheter and tubing directly into the bloodstream. This saline solution may also include medications and vitamin supplements tailored to the individual patient.

During your therapy session, a medical professional will insert an IV line attached to a bag of saline solution. This bag is hung above the patient's head, using gravity to regulate the flow of fluids into the bloodstream. Compared to a syringe or other forced technique, gravity allows for a gradual introduction of fluids.

While the time frame of a single treatment varies from person to person, a session typically lasts 30 – 45 minutes. There are exceptions to this timeframe, such as with our NAD IV treatments, which generally take 1 to 2 hours per session.

IV drip therapy is highly effective in delivering nutrients, vitamins, and fluids directly to your bloodstream. Unlike oral supplements, this method bypasses the digestive system, allowing your body to absorb the maximum amount of nutrients without any loss during digestion. As a result, vitamins and nutrients are made immediately available to your cells, accelerating the benefits.

At Vida-Flo, we offer a variety of specialized IV blends designed to meet specific health goals. We also provide the option of custom-blended IV treatments to target your individual needs.

The duration of hydration therapy's benefits can vary depending on individual health factors and lifestyle choices. Some of our treatments, such as medications, provide immediate (but shorter-term) results. Our vitamin solutions are processed over a longer period, offering longer-lasting benefits.

Maintaining a regular schedule of treatments can help extend these benefits, supporting sustained hydration and improved health over time.

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You can chill and feel supremely confident because you’re receiving your reVIDAlizing hydration treatment from Vida-Flo, and you never even moved from your current location!