If you plan on running in any of Nashville’s marathons or half marathons in 2017, it’s important to make sure your hydration is a priority. When it comes to running, making sure your body is properly hydrated can play a critical role in your performance. At Vida-Flo in Nashville, we offer hydration therapy for athletes and runners looking to return their body to its peak condition before or after their athletic competition. Whether you plan on stopping by our state-of-the-art clinic before or after your marathon, hydration can do wonders for your physical performance, and in this article, we’ll discuss why.

Why Hydration Is So Important To Runners

If you love spending hours on the gym treadmill, or find peace in a long afternoon run, it’s important to keep your body well hydrated. Water acts as a coolant for your body during physical exercise, so maintaining proper hydration is not only critical to your athletic performance, it’s also very critical to your health. Since our bodies are mainly comprised of water, the tiniest shift in your body’s fluids can lead to drastic changes in your running performance. When we sweat, it’s our body’s way of trying to cool us down from overheating during intense physical activity. When we lose a good amount of our body’s water through sweating, it can lead to symptoms of dehydration, including:

  • Fatigue and dry mouth
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Chills and cramps
  • A drop in blood volume

What You Should Drink When You’re Dehydrated

Did you know that when you sweat, you not only lose water, but also electrolytes? This means that just drinking water won’t provide your body with the proper hydration it needs to prepare and recover from a strenuous workout. A great way to combat the negative effects of dehydration is to schedule a hydration treatment with Vida-Flo in Nashville. Our Vida-Flo Hydration Restoration Fluids are a 1,000mL electrolyte replenishment solution that can help your body quickly and efficiently restore itself to a healthy and hydrated state.

How To Prevent Dehydration

One of the easiest ways to prevent dehydration is by visiting our hydration therapy clinic in Nashville. Hydration therapy offers a variety of benefits for both the competitive and recreational runner looking to increase the length of their run and overall fitness productivity. At Vida-Flo, we work with devoted marathon runners, MMA fighters and even yogis to ensure they’re optimally hydrated before and after their event or competition. If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of hydration therapy and how it can help you prepare for your full or half marathon, contact our board-certified physicians today!

For many novice and experienced runners, proper hydration can mean the difference between a great run and a not-so-great run. Instead of fighting off dehydration with sugary sports drinks and fountain water, consider joining us at Vida-Flo for a specialized hydration treatment. Our Nashville hydration experts will take the time to learn about your hydration goals before recommending the best treatment solution for you.