If you plan on visiting the Chattanooga Zoo this summer, there are many fun and educational activities to partake in during your visit. A great outing for the whole family, you can get up close and personal with the Zoo’s famous chimpanzees or retrace the journey of Marco Polo as you discover creatures from the vast Himalayan Mountains of Asia. Before you schedule your trip to the Chattanooga Zoo, read the five tips below to ensure it’s one you’ll never forget.

Visit The Animals When They Are Most Lively

Have you ever gone to the zoo to see a specific animal, only to find out they are curled up in the corner sleeping? Whether you’re interested in seeing a wild jaguar or a cotton-top tamarin, it’s never fun missing out on your favorite zoo residents, just because they’re sleeping. When you plan your trip to visit the Chattanooga Zoo, try to schedule your outing in the early morning or late afternoon. Since many animals maintain regular eating habits, it’s likely that the animals at the zoo are being fed religiously in the morning and late afternoon. This means that zoo animals are much more likely to be awake and alert during these times, as they anticipate their regular feeding schedule.

According to Darde Long, the president and CEO of the Chattanooga Zoo, “If guests are looking to admire the zoo’s animals when they are most active, the morning and late afternoon are prime times to have a look around—and will often be the best times to skip the crowds.”

Stay Hydrated Throughout The Day

As the midday Tennessee heat kicks in, many animals will seek shade and shelter to avoid dehydration. As zoo visitors, it’s not always possible to find a shady tree to hide under during each exhibit, which can make for a long and tiring trip. Make sure to bring plenty of water on your zoo excursion so you always have something to sip on throughout the day.

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Map Out A Plan

Whether you plan on visiting the Chattanooga Zoo solo or with your family, make sure to map out a plan of what you’d like to see. You and your little ones will wear out quickly if you’re marching back and forth from exhibit to exhibit with no end in sight. If you want to be extra prepared, visit the Zoo’s website in advance to view their daily schedule or to consult a map before your big trip. This will not only help you utilize your time and energy on the trip, it will give you a good road map to follow to ensure you get to see all of the exhibits you’d like it.

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