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How to Save on IV Hydration from Vida-Flo

IV therapy is an amazing and highly beneficial treatment that…
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The Most Popular Gains to Add to Your IV Bag

"What should I put in my IV Bag?" It's one of the first questions…
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Tennessee Summer Hydration | Rehydrate with Vida-Flo

If you plan on visiting Music City in the summer, it’s important…
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3 Myths about IV Therapy

IV fluid and nutrient replacement has been around for a long…
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The Master Antioxidant: The Benefits of Glutathione

At Vida-Flo, several of our treatments include glutathione, known…
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Reduce Seasonal Allergies with IV Therapy

Springtime is here, but it's not all sunshine and roses! Along…
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Chronic Migraine Treatment: IV Hydration Therapy from Vida-Flo

Chronic migraines are an incredibly disruptive disorder, that…
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Improve Athletic Performance with IV Therapy from Vida-Flo

Athletes who are committed to improving their overall performance…
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Preparing for Your Trip | IV Hydration for Jet Lag

If you travel frequently, especially internationally, then you…
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Safe & Healthy Winter Travel Tips from Vida-Flo Nashville

The wintertime is uncomfortable enough with the wet and cold…