Treatment for Morning Sickness

There are a number of reasons Vida-Flo IV therapy can be beneficial to pregnant women.

A number of changes in your body can increase the necessary fluid requirements and intravenous hydration might be the best way to make up the difference. Additionally, vomiting and nausea associated with morning sickness can adversely affect and create dehydration.

Before Vida-Flo provides any therapy to pregnant women, all patients must get the approval of their personal doctor. (Yes, we need a note from your doctor.) Additionally, each location will reserve judgment on whether to treat women during their pregnancy in order to ensure the safety of both mom and baby.

How Vida-Flo Works

Vida-Flo treats the cause and effect of Morning Sickness that is experienced by some expectant mothers by providing IV Hydration and nausea elimination to help replenish fluids, vitamins and help you back on your feet. We will only treat pregnant patients that have the approval of their personal OB-GYN and will work with them on the appropriate treatment options.

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