Treatment for PMS

Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that greatly influence the hydration level in your body.

During PMS these two levels are fluctuating greatly and can cause serious bouts of monthly dehydration.

In some cases women with exceptionally heavy periods, lose a large enough amount of blood to affect fluid levels, also causing dehydration.

How Vida-Flo Works

Is it that time of the month?

Get an IV at Vida-Flo and feel the soothing effects of drinking the equivalent of 2.5 gallons of water. Estrogen and progesterone influence your body’s hydration levels, and when the two are see-sawing during the throes of PMS, increasing the fluids you intake keeps you hydrated and helps you feel much, much better.

Additionally, for women with excessively heavy periods, the amount of blood lost is enough to deplete fluid levels. If you think this might be you, Vida-Flo and IV fluid infusion is the remedy you are looking for. Our monthly memberships will help you through PMS symptoms and get you feeling your best.

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