Lauren Atkinson

Lauren Atkinson

Aqua Ambassador: Nashville

In 2013, Lauren quit her successful job managing a local floral shop and all of their events—and jumped headfirst – as she does with most things—into bringing LMA Designs to life. Her fearlessness, passion for her craft and drive to deliver high-quality results for her clients has allowed the company to become one of the premier floral design companies in Nashville.

The L, the M and the A of LMA Designs, Lauren is the heart and soul of the team—she is one of those rare breeds that is not only a logistical expert but also a creative type. Chalk it up to growing up on her family’s flower farm and a lifetime of designing florals but Lauren has an unmatched eye for design and a knack for reflecting clients’ individual styles through events.
She brings a deep passion to everything she does, whether it’s cooking, Crossfit or working with the local Down Syndrome achievement center, Gigi’s Playhouse—for which she was recently awarded the Gloria and Cindy Koch Volunteer Spirit of the Year Award.
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