If you’re always searching for more energy, you’re probably already drinking coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Have you ever considered getting your energy from B vitamins? Vitamin B12 is one of the most important daily vitamins, and if you’re not getting enough of it, you may experience symptoms of fatigue, tiredness, and exhaustion. In this blog, we’ll talk about five benefits of vitamin B12. If you’re searching for a way to get more hydration and also your daily vitamins, check out Vida-Flo Breckenridge. Our amazing IV hydration therapy combines vitamins and medications with hydration for an incredibly revitalizing experience. Within 45 minutes, you can be on your way to better health and increased energy! For more information and to set up an appointment, call Vida-Flo in Breckenridge today!

Supports Daily Energy
Vitamin B12 is essential to your daily output of energy and is crucial to the chemical processes that create energy in your body. Your brain especially needs this vitamin to complete the processes of thinking and reasoning. If you don’t get enough, you could feel foggy and disoriented during the day. A supplement can help, but you need to try to get as much of your daily vitamins and minerals through food. Lean meat, dairy, and leafy greens have plenty of B vitamins and consuming them daily is important to your overall health and energy levels. If you’re consuming plenty of these foods and still struggling to get through your day, talk to your doctor about your health. You could be struggling with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

Helps With Mental Health
Did you know that vitamin B12 will help you to have a more positive outlook on life? This particular vitamin helps with your body’s stress responses and helps to regulate your nervous system. Many independent studies have shown that vitamin B12 actually helps to lessen and treat the symptoms of depression and their effect on the body and mind without the harmful and debilitating side effects of pharmaceutical drugs. Because this vitamin helps the brain to function at its optimum level, it can help with various mood disorders. It has even been shown to prevent Alzheimer’s and work to improve a patient’s function who struggles with the disease.

Lowers the Risk of Birth Defects
Vitamin B12 works at the cellular level to help create DNA. During pregnancy, this vitamin is vital in the healthy development of an unborn baby. Scientific studies have proven that making sure a mother is getting the recommended daily dosage of vitamin B12 can reduce the risk of birth defects and disabilities. Of course, getting enough B12 also helps a mother to have plenty of energy and feel less tired during her pregnancy as well. Vitamin B12 can be consumed through foods or through a prenatal vitamin that offers your daily amount of the vitamin.

It Combats Anemia
Vitamin absorption is essential to fighting the effects of anemia. Anemia causes your body and blood to lack in iron, but it can also affect your vitamin absorption and cause you to experience much more than an iron deficiency. Since those who struggle with anemia often are tired and experience exhaustion, they need to take an extra dosage of vitamin B12 to boost their energy levels and also absorb more vitamins. If you have anemia, talk to your doctor about adding a vitamin B12 supplement to your daily vitamin regimen for some added natural energy and vitamin absorption.

Anti-Aging Properties
Certain independent studies have shown that vitamin B12 helps your body to fight off the effects of aging. It lowers the risks of developing Alzheimer’s and heart disease, two common health issues that affect elderly individuals. While vitamin B12 isn’t a cure-all, it’s been shown to improve health issues and the quality of life of those who struggle with low energy, diseases, and other illnesses. Again, talk to your doctor before you being a vitamin B12 regimen to ensure that you don’t have any pre-existing conditions that could be negatively affected by consuming the vitamin.

Vitamin B12 can give you extended energy, improve your overall health, and even lessen the affects of health issues and diseases. If you’re looking for more vitamin B12 in your life and also need more hydration, Vida-Flo Breckenridge can help you with both of those problems. Call our experienced staff for for your IV hydration therapy appointment today!