If you frequent the honky tonk bars in Nashville, there’s a good chance you’ve felt the devastating effects of a hangover the next morning. Hangovers are a result of drinking too much alcohol and dehydration, and there are various factors that can contribute to a hangover. In this blog, we’ll discuss some common reasons why people get hangovers, as well as the top hangover remedies to try after a night out of drinking.

At Vida-Flo in Nashville, we’re proud to offer IV hydration therapy specifically for hangovers. Whether you’re looking for a way to prepare your body for a night out on the town, or you need to recover the morning after drinking too much, we offer hydration therapy specifically for hangovers. Check out our website to learn more about the benefits of IV hydration therapy, or contact us today with any questions you may have!

What Factors Contribute To Hangovers?

While there are many factors that can contribute to hangovers, the most common explanation is that alcohol (or ethanol, in its purest form) acts as a diuretic. A diuretic is any substance that promotes diuresis, also known as the increased production of urine. Since most people neglect to drink water before, during, and after they party, they end up waking up to bodies that are severely dehydrated. Let’s take a closer look at how alcohol affects our bodies below.

  • As we stated above, the consumption of alcohol can cause your body to produce more urine. When you urinate more than usual, it can lead to dehydration which is often indicated by severe thirst and dizziness.
  • Did you know that alcohol triggers an inflammatory response from your body’s immune system? When you drink an alcoholic beverage, your immune system may trigger certain agents that produce the physical symptoms of memory issues, the inability to concentrate, and a decrease in appetite, among other things.
  • Alcohol has also been found to irritate the lining of your stomach. When you drink a glass of wine or a bottle of beer, your body will start to produce more stomach acid which can delay digestion. This can lead to abdominal pain, nausea, and even vomiting.
  • Alcohol has been known to cause blood sugar levels to plummet. When your blood sugar dips too low, you may experience feelings of fatigue, weakness, mood disturbances, and maybe even seizures.

The Top Hangover Remedies

The unfortunate reality of hangovers is that there is no magic solution to ease the discomfort you may feel after a night of drinking. There are, however, a few things you can do to help relieve the pain of a hangover and get back on your feet. Let’s take a look at a few tried and true hangover cures that you can try on your own.

IV Hydration Therapy

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to fuel your body with electrolytes and other important nutrients after a night out on the town, consider IV hydration therapy. While filling up on high-sugar sports drinks and coffee may provide you with some relief, these beverages will do nothing to ease the underlying problem. At Vida-Flo in Nashville, we offer a one-of-a-kind IV hydration therapy treatment specifically designed to cure hangovers. This unique hangover remedy is jam packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and medications for pain, heartburn, and nausea to eliminate all of the unwanted side effects of alcohol overindulgence. In less than an hour of this treatment, you’ll feel significantly better! Interested in learning more about the different IV hydration therapy treatments available at our clinic? Click here to learn more!

Get Some Sleep

While you may not want to call out of work the morning after your friend’s bachelor party, it may be necessary to get your body back on track. Rest is one of your best friends after a night of drinking because it gives your body an opportunity to recover. Adding an extra hour or two of shut-eye can do wonders for your mood as well.

In part two of this series, we’ll discuss a few more hangover remedies to consider after a night of drinking. If you live in Nashville and you’re looking for immediate relief from a hangover, stop by Vida-Flo today for one of our IV hydration therapies!


If you plan on visiting Breckenridge for a family trip or work weekend, there are many fun activities to partake in during your free time. Sunny days in Colorado are perfect for lacing up your boots and going out on a hike. Whether you plan on taking an easy hike up Hoosier Pass Loop or you’re looking for something a little more challenging, like a trek up to Quandary Peak, it’s important to ensure that you stay hydrated. To help you learn how to properly hydrate before, during, and after your hike, the experts at Vida-Flo in Breckenridge are here to equip you with some helpful hydration tips.

If you’re still concerned about staying adequately hydrated during your hike, stop by Vida-Flo for one of our IV hydration therapy treatments. We offer a variety of natural remedies for migraines, colds, athletic overexertion, and fatigue, and we’ll do everything we can to help you feel your best. Check out our IV hydration therapy benefits online or contact us today!

How Much Water Should You Drink?

Before you head out on your Breckenridge hike, you may be wondering how much water you need to drink to stay properly hydrated. How much you need to drink will depend on a number of factors such as the activity you’re doing, the intensity level, the duration of physical activity, body type, weather, and even your age. A good general recommendation to stay hydrated is to drink about half a liter of water per hour of moderate hiking activity. If the temperature is hot, or you don’t see much shade on the trail, you may want to increase your water intake even more.

Hydration Tips For Your Hike

  • Keep water available at all times! Whether you plan on bringing a hydration reservoir or a CamelBak®, it’s important to ensure you have water accessible to you at all times. If you prefer to use a water bottle, make sure you stash it somewhere like in a pocket on the side of your backpack so you can reach it when you need. If you plan on running during your hike, consider investing in a hydration vest.
  • Drink often and frequently! Instead of guzzling down your water at infrequent times, try to take smaller sips of water throughout your hike.
  • Make a point to replace electrolytes during your trip. When you sweat, your body loses precious electrolytes and if you lose too many, your physical and mental performance can suffer. Try to focus on replacing sodium, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. One of the easiest ways to do this is through an electrolyte replacement sports drink. You can also purchase convenient powders and tablets to pre-mix in your water bottle before you hit the trail.
  • Drink more water at altitude. When you climb mountains in Breckenridge, you’ll notice that the higher the elevation, the harder it may be to breathe. When you partake in a physical activity at a higher altitude than normal, it can lead to dehydration much faster. Since you’re less likely to feel thirsty at higher elevations, it’s important to drink water frequently during your adventure.
  • Even if the weather is overcast and nippy, it’s important to drink water while you’re on your hike. Packing a hot drink can be a great way to keep yourself hydrated on a cold and chilly morning.
  • It’s always a good idea to pre hydrate before you hit the trails. A good rule of thumb is to drink about 17 to 20 fluid ounces about two hours before you head out. If you plan on taking a day hike that lasts more than 3 hours, consider hydrating a few days before.


If you’re concerned about staying hydrating on your hike, consider stopping by Vida-Flo in Breckenridge before you lace up your boots. Our hydration therapy treatments are individually customized to meet your needs, and we can make sure you have the proper vitamins and nutrients in your body to withstand the Colorado heat. Our Absolute Hydration treatment contains sodium chloride, potassium, and calcium chloride to help replenish your body. If you’re interested in learning more about our IV hydration treatments or you have any questions, contact us today!


We’ve all been there. Eating an undercooked steak, sushi, or some deviled eggs that were left outside for too long can land you in bed feeling nauseated, bloated, and feverish. While most people can ride out a bout of food poisoning at home, it’s important to see your doctor if you aren’t feeling better in 48 hours or are experiencing severe stomach cramps, dizziness, confusion, or muscle weakness. In this post, we’ll discuss some ways to help alleviate the symptoms of food poisoning.

Of course, food poisoning can make you feel dehydrated quickly, so if you’re struggling with those symptoms and are needing to feel better fast, give Vida-Flo in Breckenridge a call. Our IV hydration therapy treatments can take as little as 45 minutes and be customized to your needs with vitamins, medications, and other options that will have you feeling awesome in no time. Contact us now to set up an appointment at our calming and relaxing office!


No one enjoys the symptoms of food poisoning. These can include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Stomach cramps
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Low-grade fever
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating

If you’re experiencing these symptoms and you are feeling ill, it’s important to immediately begin treatment so that you can alleviate the issue as soon as possible and feel better faster. It’s extremely important to not take an anti-diarrhea drug without your doctor’s consent. Your body is trying to get rid of the bacteria that is making you ill, and interfering with this process can make the sickness last longer.


One of the most important things you can do to help your body recover faster is to drink plenty of water. Dehydration is a risk and you need to replenish the fluids that you’re losing so that you don’t end up feeling worse due to not drinking enough water. Try sipping water, sports drinks with added electrolytes, hot broth, and clear sodas, like ginger ale. Stay away from fruit juices, caffeinated teas, and coffee, because the intense sugar and caffeine content of these beverages can make you feel worse. If you are feeling hungry, try eating a piece of dry toast, crackers, or a banana. However, if you are vomiting, it’s best to wait until you stop feeling nauseated to try eating food so you won’t end up vomiting more. Try only a few small bites and then wait at least half an hour to see if you’re able to keep it down. If your stomach has settled and you’re not feeling ill again, try a few more bites. Eating too much too quickly will only make you feel bloated and could cause stomach cramps. If you’re not feeling better in 48 hours or you’re experiencing a high fever, it’s best to contact your doctor.

If you’re able, it’s best to take a few days off of work to recover. Food poisoning is a bacterial infection, and while it’s not contagious, it will make you feel weak, listless, and exhausted. It’s best to sleep as much as you can and stop all physical activity. It can be hard to take time off and stay in bed, but trying to power through food poisoning will only exacerbate the symptoms and cause the illness to last longer.


The morning after food poisoning, you’ll probably wake up feeling weak, exhausted, and dehydrated. The best thing that you can do for your body is to eat a simple breakfast, such as toast with a banana or some oatmeal. Make sure to drink plenty of water or sports drinks to keep your body hydrated. You may not feel like drinking lots of water, but it’s important to continue staying hydrated so you can get back to feeling better. However, if you’re struggling to drink enough water and are still feeling weak, call the team at Vida-Flo in Breckenridge! Our IV hydration therapy treatments are quick and can help you get back to feeling 100 percent fast.

Food poisoning will affect all of us at some point, but you don’t have to let it get you down. Once you’re feeling better but still aren’t feeling your best, call Vida-Flo in Breckenridge to schedule an IV hydration therapy treatment to help your body recover faster so you can get back to your life. Contact us today!


If you plan on visiting Music City this summer for a weekend getaway, it’s important to ensure you remain hydrated under the Nashville sun. You probably have a long list of places you’d like to visit during your stay, including the Parthenon, Jack’s BBQ, and the Country Music Hall of Fame. Luckily, there are many precautions you can take to make sure you’re hydrated for your list of adventures. In this blog, we’ll look at three tips to stay hydrated this summer so you can enjoy all of the sites and sounds that Nashville has to offer.

At Vida-Flo, we’re proud to offer popular IV hydration treatments for a hangover cures, cold and flu recovery, stress relief, and more. If you’re looking for a quick way to rejuvenate your body with the liquids and vitamins it needs to function properly, stop by our hydration clinic in Nashville today!

Hydration Tip #1: Drink Hydration-Boosting Nutrients

In order to stay properly hydrated you and your family will need more than basic H2O, you’ll also need electrolytes and carbohydrates. According to most sports dietitians, both of these nutrients can help your body absorb whatever fluids you decide to drink. When it comes to your nerve and muscle function, electrolytes such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium are very important. This is because all of these electrolytes can be lost through sweat. Luckily, there are specialty sports drinks on the market that contain both electrolytes and carbohydrates. If you’re concerned about dehydration during your trip to Nashville, stop by a local grocery store to pick up one of these beverages.

Hydration Tip #2: Eat The Right Foods

Did you know that the food you consume accounts for approximately 20 percent of your daily fluid intake? During your trip to Nashville, you probably have an array of popular restaurants you’d like to try out. From famous barbecue spots to Florida Georgia Line’s new Nashville bar (FGL House), there are plenty of amazing eateries to visit. There are many fresh foods in season during the hot summer months that can help you stay hydrated such as melons, tomatoes, and strawberries. All of these fruits are naturally rich in water, carbohydrates and minerals, including important electrolytes.

Hydration Tip #3: Drink The Night Before A Hike

Nashville offers a plethora of outdoor activities to get your blood pumping, including hiking trails and canoeing. If you plan on engaging in any of these fun outdoor activities, you’ll want to make sure you’re properly hydrated throughout the day. To stay ahead of dehydration, make sure to drink plenty of water the night before. Why, you ask? After spending eight hours in bed not drinking anything, it’s easy to wake up in a dehydrated state.


At Vida-Flo in Nashville, we’re passionate about helping people stay hydrated with our innovative IV hydration therapy treatments. We offer customized hydration packages for a variety of ailments from the common cold to athletic overexertion and hangovers. Stop by our hydration clinic to learn more or give us a call today!


If you have some fun summer plans, it’s important to take care of yourself so that you can enjoy your trip. How many times have you gotten on a plane feeling great and then gotten off feeling horrible? Unfortunately, airplanes are crawling with germs, which can make you sick. Before you leave on a jet plane, make an appointment at Vida-Flo in Peachtree for an IV hydration therapy treatment! We can customize your treatment to include plenty of vitamins and medications to help your body defend itself from illness. Call today!


Everyone says that airplane air is full of germs, but actually it’s extremely clean. The recirculated air that you breathe is filtered continuously through HEPA filtration systems, which removes about 99.7 percent of airborne particles.


If you have a long flight coming up, here are some tips for you to follow to help yourself stay healthy:

Sanitize: You don’t know who last was in your seat, so it’s important to sanitize everything around you. Hand sanitizer is also essential to keeping your hands clean and free of germs.

Drink Water: Staying hydrated will keep you healthier and help your body to flush out toxins. Make sure you’re drinking at least eight ounces of water every hour that you’re on the plane.

No Alcohol: Even though enjoying a cocktail is relaxing and enjoyable, alcohol is hard on your system, especially if you’re struggling with a cold. Switch out that Bloody Mary for plain tomato juice to boost your immune system.

If you come back from vacation feeling less than 100 percent, make a beeline to Vida-Flo in Peachtree. Our IV hydration therapy treatments will have you feeling awesome in no time! Call today for an appointment!


If you plan on making a trip to Chattanooga this summer, you may be looking for some fun activities to partake in during your stay. From touring caves to visiting the Creative Discovery Museum and historical ghost tours, there are many family-friendly activities worth looking into during your stay in Tennessee. In this blog, we’ll look at some of the top summer tourist attractions in Chattanooga so you can be well-prepared when it comes time to plan your trip.

Tour The World’s Largest Indoor Waterfall at Ruby Falls

It’s no surprise that Ruby Falls is one of the Southeast’s favorite tourist destinations. When you visit this Chattanooga destination, you’ll be struck with wonder at its awe-inspiring scenery and geological wonders. When you sign up for one of their guided tours, you’ll have the opportunity to see the magnificent 145-foot underground waterfall, with the option of signing up for a unique lantern tour of the underground cave.

Explore The Creative Discovery Museum

As one of the top children’s museums in the country, the Creative Discovery Museum is located in the heart of downtown Chattanooga. Just steps away from the Tennessee Aquarium and the Tennessee Riverfront, this museum is dedicated to sparking children’s passions for learning through hands-on experiences and educational resources. Stop by the Science Theater to enjoy demonstrations of physical and chemical phenomena or visit the PlayGym with your little one for multi-sensory stimulation.

Visit The Iconic Attraction of Rock City

Another popular tourist attraction to visit in Chattanooga this summer is Rock City. Located at the top of Lookout Mountain, just six miles away from downtown Chattanooga, Rock City is a true marvel of nature. From ancient rock formations to large gardens, you’ll take an unforgettable journey along their 4,100-foot walking trail. With nearly half a million visitors each year, Rock City is a natural attraction that you don’t want to miss!

Join A Chattanooga Ghost Tour For A Spooky Time

If you’re looking to gain a little insight on the history of Chattanooga, consider signing up for a ghost tour for an engaging and entertaining history lesson. Walk with an acclaimed storyteller as you visit sites that have documented accounts of ghostly appearances. Learn about the city’s darker past and take photos as you visit the town’s most haunted hotel. Learn more about Chattanooga Ghost tours here!


It’s important to stay hydrated during your trip to Chattanooga this summer. Whether you plan on touring historical caves or you want to sign up for a ghost tour, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout your various excursions. At Vida-Flo, we’re proud to offer innovative IV hydration therapy treatments to ensure you remain hydrated on your trip. We offer a plethora of hydration therapy packages, from antioxidant treatments to flu and alcohol overindulgence cocktails, we can help you feel your best. If you’re interested in learning more about IV hydration therapy or you’d like to learn more about our holistic treatments, contact us today!


If you’re planning a bachelor party in Nashville, you may be looking looking for a little weekend of debauchery to celebrate you or your friend getting hitched. After all, they don’t call it NashVegas for nothing! At Vida-Flo, we’ve helped hundreds of bachelor parties stay hydrated throughout their festivities through our innovative IV hydration therapy. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best places to stay, eat, and party in Nashville so you can plan the best bachelor party ever.

Where To Stay For Your Bachelor Party In Nashville

One of the first things you’ll want to do for your bachelor party is book a hotel so you have a place to crash after a night of music and partying. If you plan on spending most of your time at the bars on Broadway, you’ll want to find a hotel that is close to this infamous strip. Below is a list of some popular hotels located right in the heart of Music City.

  • The Hermitage Hotel – Located right in downtown Nashville, this hotel brings a unique combination of Old World hospitality and modern luxury. Built in 1910, the Hermitage is Nashville’s original and longest standing hotel. From the moment you step inside their impeccably preserved lobby, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time.
  • Hotel Indigo – Centrally located in Printer’s Alley, Hotel Indigo is located between Nashville’s 3rd and 4th avenues. Once home to Andrew Jackson’s law practice, the neighborhood offers a speakeasy vibe with booming nightclubs all around.

Where To Eat For Your Bachelor Party In Nashville

As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. If you’re looking for some unique restaurants to visit during your bachelor party weekend in Nashville, consider the suggestions below.

  • Jack’s Bar-B-Que – Located in the heart of Lower Broadway, Jack’s Bar-B-Que is a staple among Nashvillians and visitors alike. Best known for their award-winning sauces and hickory smoked meats, this barbecue joint will leave you and your friends wanting more. Stop by Jack’s to try some of their famous beef brisket and smoked Texas sausage!
  • Fat Bottom Brewing – If you’re looking to get a little day-drinking in during your bachelor party, consider stopping by Fat Bottom Brewery. Located in West Nashville, this brewery offers an outdoor bier garden that overlooks the entire property. They also offer a 3,000 square foot private event space that is perfect for any occasion.

If you’re looking for a way to stay hydrated and keep the party going all night long, consider stopping by Vida-Flo during your trip to Nashville. We offer IV hydration therapy treatments for alcohol overindulgence, fatigue and jetlag so you don’t have to worry about slowing down during your visit. If you wake up with aches, pains or nausea after a night out of drinking, you’ll love the immediate relief that hydration therapy provides. With a combination of vitamins, antioxidants, and medications for pain, our hydration experts can help whip up the perfect remedy for your hangover.


If you plan on spending the fourth of July in Nashville, there are many family-friendly activities and events worth checking out. From music to games and fireworks, you’ll have plenty to look forward to when you spend the weekend in Music City. In this article, we’ll lay out some fun ways to celebrate our country’s independence while you’re in Nashville this year.


Whether you currently live in Nashville or you’re just visiting for the holiday weekend, there are many outdoor events worth partaking in. From the Family Fun Zone to music and fireworks downtown, you’re sure to find something fun for the whole family!

Family Fun Zone

If you plan on bringing the family downtown Nashville to celebrate the fourth of July, make sure to stop by the Family Fun Zone, which will be located at the Bridgestone Arena Plaza at 5th Avenue and Broadway. Did we mention this is a completely free event? You’ll also have the opportunity to take a picture with the National Championship Trophy!

Music Downtown

Since Nashville is known as Music City, it’s no surprise there will be some excellent music to listen to on the fourth of July. Join other Nashvillians in the heart of downtown for the main music event, Let Freedom Sing! During this ongoing performance, you’ll see some of Nashville’s best musicians on stage including country artist Chris Young, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Johnny P, The Sisterhood, and the Nashville Symphony.

“This is another great lineup that showcases the immense diversity of music that calls Nashville home,” said Beth Seigenthaler Courtney, board chair of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp and president at DVL Seigenthaler. “This year we have even more to offer with additional live music at Ascend Amphitheater leading up to a Gold Cup double-header featuring the U.S. national men’s soccer team. We always expect tens of thousands of visitors to enjoy our Independence Day festivities, and, with these additional activities, we expect to fill even more hotel rooms across Davidson County and generate substantial economic activity that is good for the city.”

Fireworks With A Soundtrack

One of the best things about Nashville’s fourth of July celebration is the amazing fireworks show. If you’re skeptical about going downtown to celebrate, just remember that Nashville has the best July 4th celebration in the country, and that includes the fireworks show. This year, the Nashville Symphony will host a synchronized live performance along with the fireworks to make your evening even more special.

Before you head downtime to enjoy the holiday festivities, make sure you bring plenty of water so you can stay hydrated throughout the day. At Vida-Flo in Nashville, we’re dedicated to your health and wellness and we offer popular IV hydration treatments that will help keep you hydrated before and after the fourth of July festivities. If you’re interested in learning more about our hydration treatments, browse our website today. We offer IV hydration for alcohol overindulgence, stress relief and mental strength, athletic performance and much more.


As the summer months approach, it’s even more important to stay hydrated. Spending time outside swimming, hiking, and enjoying the warmer temperatures is a great way to make memories with friends and family, but it’s important to also be careful of how much water you’re consuming. In this post, we’re going to discuss some essential ways to make sure that you’re properly hydrated so you can enjoy the warmer weather! If you’ve spent too much time outside and you’re feeling less than 100 percent, come to Vida-Flo Breckenridge for some IV hydration therapy. We’re proud to offer an incredible selection of IV therapies to help you to feel better almost instantly. Contact our helpful staff today for more information or to make an appointment at our Breckenridge location!


We’ve all heard differing amounts of how much water we need. Some studies say that you need to drink half of your body weight in H2O every day, and others say that you only need eight, 8-ounce glasses. While water is essential to survival, everyone needs a different amount. If you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, you might not need to drink as much. However, if you live in a hot or dry climate, you’ll definitely need more. It’s best to aim for 10 glasses of water per day, especially during the hotter months. If you’re active or spending extended time outdoors, you definitely need to consume more. Also, remember that drinking alcohol is dehydrating as well, and if you’re outside and sweating while sipping a cold beer, you can quickly become dehydrated before you realize it. Keep a bottle of water close by on warmer days, and if you struggle to remember to drink some H2O, set a timer on your cell phone as a reminder.


A great way to track your water intake is to weigh yourself every day. If you’ve just attended an intense workout class and you notice an almost instantaneous weight loss, chances are that you’re dehydrated. Quickly gulp down at least 20-24 ounces of water to replenish your reserves and keep your body working at its optimal level. Weigh yourself after a hike or day on the lake as well to ensure that you’re not too dehydrated.


If you’re feeling thirsty, chances are that you’re already dehydrated. Make sure that you’re sipping water throughout the day instead of suddenly feeling thirsty and gulping down several glasses at a time. If you continously drink water during your day, you won’t get thirsty or dehydrated.


Did you know that sugary beverages actually contribute to more than one-third of the daily sugar intake for an adult? You may think that your favorite lemonade is a great substitute for a glass of your H2O, but it probably is full of sugar. Not only does sugar make you have a hard crash one to two hours after you consume it, it can actually cause you to crave more sugar. Some fruit juices can pack up to 40 or 50 grams of sugar per serving! The next time you find yourself reaching for a sugary juice or drink, choose plain water instead.


Sports drinks are a great way to replenish some electrolytes after spending time outside in the sun or working hard at the gym. However, it’s best to only consume one serving of a sports drink and then drink water afterwards. It’s easy to believe that, since it has electrolytes, vitamins, and other added ingredients geared towards individuals who are exerting a lot of energy and are sweating, it’s just as good of a hydration option as water. This is not true because sports drinks do contain a lot of sugar, and they aren’t really needed if you’re only going for a walk outside or spending the day on a boat.

Staying hydrated during the summer is essential and crucial to enjoying time in the sun. The next time that you’re in the sun and feeling thirsty, make sure that you have some H2O nearby. In case you overdo it and are needing an extra hydration boost, don’t hesitate to contact Vida-Flo Breckenridge. We’re proud to offer premium IV hydration treatments in a clean and relaxed environment. Call us today!


If you’re feeling rough after a night of drinking, you’re probably struggling with a hangover. Have you ever wondered what causes a hangover? In this blog, we’re going to discuss what actually happens when you wake up with a headache, nausea, and light sensitivity. Did you know that Vida-Flo Peachtree has an IV hydration treatment specifically for hangovers? The next time that you wake up feeling sick after party, contact our helpful team at Vida-Flo and let us help you feel better within 45 minutes so you can be on your way!


From a medical perspective, a hangover is just intense dehydration. When you drink alcohol, it causes you to urinate more, which is why you wake up the next day with a headache, dry mouth, and dizziness. It also is processed by your body as a mild toxin, so it can incite an immune system response that may make you feel ill. Your stomach will also feel upset due to the irritants of alcohol. Some people may have heartburn, others may experience a loss of appetite, and still others may feel nauseated.


While there are multiple remedies for a hangover, what you need after a weekend party is to replace the fluid and electrolytes that you’ve lost. Drinking water is a great place to start, but one of the quickest ways to feel better is to schedule an IV hydration treatment appointment. The IV fluid can get into your body much faster, and you can feel the effects almost immediately. You also can add medications, vitamins, or electrolytes to your treatment to help your body get back on track even faster.

Contact Vida-Flo Peachtree for an IV hydration treatment today, and feel better fast after a night of partying! Call now!