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5 Key Benefits of Vitamin B

B vitamins are essential in order for our bodies to function properly. They play an important role in a wide range of cellular functions, like transporting nutrients throughout the body, strengthening immunity, balancing hormones & improving energy. Keep reading to learn the 5 key benefits of Vitamin B! Plus, how treatments containing B Vitamins can […]

3 Myths about IV Therapy

IV fluid and nutrient replacement has been around for a long time! Recently it has grown in popularity, but there are still misconceptions and misinformation that we hear everyday. It is important to remain completely informed when we make decisions about our health, even more so when undergoing a new treatment. To help you feel […]

The Master Antioxidant: The Benefits of Glutathione

At Vida-Flo, several of our treatments include glutathione, known as ‘the master antioxidant.’ Assisting with a variety of bodily functions it is often utilized to help you meet a range of wellness goals. Today we’re diving into the various benefits of glutathione hydration therapy so that you can choose the best treatment for your needs! […]

Reduce Seasonal Allergies with IV Therapy

Springtime is here, but it’s not all sunshine and roses! Along with a host of colorful flowers, blue skies, and new life, comes an onslaught of allergy symptoms. From sinus pressure to watery eyes and coughing, it can be a miserable season. A real bummer when you consider that seasonal allergies affect nearly 8% of […]

Chronic Migraine Treatment: IV Hydration Therapy from Vida-Flo

Chronic migraines are an incredibly disruptive disorder, that are unfortunately common – thought to affect between 3 and 5 percent of people in the United States. If you are a migraine sufferer, then you understand how difficult it can be to live with, as well as how impossible it can feel when it comes to […]

Improve Athletic Performance with IV Therapy from Vida-Flo

Athletes who are committed to improving their overall performance know the importance of hydration and the role it plays in their ability to train effectively. From assisting your body with effective energy consumption, to replacing lost essential nutrients, and preventing issues like muscle cramps and fatigue. Today we’re sharing how you can improve athletic performance […]

Preparing for Your Trip | IV Hydration for Jet Lag

If you travel frequently, especially internationally, then you understand the impact of jet lag. Although temporary the symptoms can be disrupting. A no-go when you have people to see, work to do or more adventuring in the near future! Today we’ll be sharing how IV hydration for jet lag and dehydration can help you feel […]

Meet Dr. Howard Aubert: Vida-Flo Clinical Supervisor for Middle Tennessee

Introducing Dr. Howard Aubert, our Vida-Flo Clinical Supervisor and Medical Director, for locations throughout Middle Tennessee! Dr. Aubert is a highly valued member of our team who oversees our clinics, located in Nashville and Franklin, for the past 6 years. How did he learn about Vida-Flo and the power of IV hydration? As a former […]

Mobile IV Hydration: Must Do for Your Nashville Bachelorette Party

If you’re planning a bachelorette party in Nashville, you’ll no doubt enjoy a day (or two) Downtown. Whether to hit up some of the local shops and boutiques or to enjoy the evening party scene that Broadway is well known for. Regardless, you and your friends should expect some fatigue from the non-stop walking and […]

Benefits of Vitamin Therapy: Treat Low Energy with B12

A common issue, those who deal with fatigue know it can have a serious impact on your day-to-day life. Low energy can make it a struggle to get through even the simplest of tasks and slowly wear on your health, both mentally and physically. That is why we are talking about the benefits of vitamin […]