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How to Save on IV Hydration from Vida-Flo

IV therapy is an amazing and highly beneficial treatment that people seek out for a variety of reasons – to boost their athletic performance, reduce signs of aging, and improve overall wellness. However, one concern that people share, regardless of their personal wellness goals, is the cost of treatment. Keep reading to learn about the […]

Treat Fatigue with IV Therapy

Low energy or fatigue is a common issue that can crush your motivation and leave you struggling on a daily basis. The good news – fatigue can be treated! IV therapy, specifically IV vitamin therapy, is a highly effective tool that can get you back on your A-game. And with two middle Tennessee locations, in […]

How to Get IV Fluids at Home

When life throws you for a loop there’s no reason to postpone your IV therapy appointment. At Vida-Flo we strive to provide a quality customer experience, even if it means serving you from the comfort of your home or the convenience of a hotel. With our mobile IV therapy services, we’re making it easier than […]

Healthier Hair, Skin, & Nails: The Benefits of Biotin

One of the most well-regarded vitamins for physical appearance is Biotin! Naturally produced, biotin plays an important role in a wide variety of bodily functions. Especially the health of hair, skin, and nails. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of biotin, and how Vida-Flo can help you to incorporate this vitamin into your beauty […]

Using IV Therapy to Prevent a Cold or Flu

The fall and winter seasons are peak cold and flu seasons. Due to cooler weather with minimal humidity, it can be one of the worst times of year to come down with an illness! Additionally, the common cold and the flu can cause debilitating symptoms, ranging from fever and chills to body aches and diarrhea. […]

The Most Popular Gains to Add to Your IV Bag

“What should I put in my IV Bag?” It’s one of the first questions that people have for us! The answer will depend on an individual’s unique needs or wellness goals. Our highly trained team works with each guest on every visit to craft an IV treatment suited to your needs & goals. This said […]

The Master Antioxidant: The Benefits of Glutathione

At Vida-Flo, several of our treatments include glutathione, known as ‘the master antioxidant.’ Assisting with a variety of bodily functions it is often utilized to help you meet a range of wellness goals. Today we’re diving into the various benefits of glutathione hydration therapy so that you can choose the best treatment for your needs! […]

Reduce Seasonal Allergies with IV Therapy

Springtime is here, but it’s not all sunshine and roses! Along with a host of colorful flowers, blue skies, and new life, comes an onslaught of allergy symptoms. From sinus pressure to watery eyes and coughing, it can be a miserable season. A real bummer when you consider that seasonal allergies affect nearly 8% of […]

Chronic Migraine Treatment: IV Hydration Therapy from Vida-Flo

Chronic migraines are an incredibly disruptive disorder, that are unfortunately common – thought to affect between 3 and 5 percent of people in the United States. If you are a migraine sufferer, then you understand how difficult it can be to live with, as well as how impossible it can feel when it comes to […]

Improve Athletic Performance with IV Therapy from Vida-Flo

Athletes who are committed to improving their overall performance know the importance of hydration and the role it plays in their ability to train effectively. From assisting your body with effective energy consumption to replacing lost essential nutrients, and preventing issues like muscle cramps and fatigue. Today we’re sharing how you can improve athletic performance […]