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Detox After the Holidays with IV Therapy

There is no better time than the start of a new year to get in the habit of prioritizing your health! Through detox, you will rid the body of harmful substances that cause chronic and debilitating symptoms. Such as a weakened immune system, low energy, an inability to concentrate, and mood swings. Start off with […]

The Most Common Ailments Treated by IV Therapy

IV therapy is a powerful medical treatment that delivers fast results – faster than alternative oral treatments. This is an important factor for those who suffer from untimely or chronic illnesses. The sooner the results are felt, the sooner they can get back to doing what they love or simply living. Keep reading to learn […]

On-The Go Services: Mobile IV Therapy from Vida-Flo

Nashville is a busy city! And since our wellness clinics are conveniently located, there are days we are fully booked – especially on the weekends. This is one of the primary reasons that our team offers on-the-go IV services, administered at home, in the office, or even at a hotel. Allowing us to help more […]

How to Save on IV Hydration from Vida-Flo

IV therapy is an amazing and highly beneficial treatment that people seek out for a variety of reasons – to boost their athletic performance, reduce signs of aging, and improve overall wellness. However, one concern that people share, regardless of their personal wellness goals, is the cost of treatment. Keep reading to learn about the […]

Common Questions about IV Therapy

IV therapy is nothing new! While in recent years it has grown rapidly in popularity, there are a lot of people who still do not know about this treatment or its wellness benefits. Understandably, this leads to a lot of questions – which Vida-Flo is more than happy to answer. All in order to help […]

IV Therapy for Immunity: How IV Hydration Keeps you Healthy

Being sick or feeling under the weather is no fun! It can seriously impede your ability to function. And getting back to your regular self isn’t always easy. But with the help of IV therapy for immunity, we can not only help with hydration but deliver you essential vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that will bolster […]

Using IV Therapy to Heal from Stress

In a post-pandemic world, stress is at an all-time high! Reports show that mental health is worsening across demographics. With a 93% increase in anxiety screenings and a 63% increase in depression screenings, people are looking for ways to cope with and combat stress – largely in regard to work-related fatigue or job burnout. This […]

What is NAD+ Therapy and How Does it Support the Body?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+, is a coenzyme that is found in every cell of your body – you cannot live without it! This is why Vida-Flo is proud to offer NAD+ treatment, to not only help combat deficiencies but maintain natural levels. Today we’ll be answering the question, “What is NAD+ therapy”, as well […]

Treat Fatigue with IV Therapy

Low energy or fatigue is a common issue that can crush your motivation and leave you struggling on a daily basis. The good news – fatigue can be treated! IV therapy, specifically IV vitamin therapy, is a highly effective tool that can get you back on your A-game. And with two middle Tennessee locations, in […]

How to Get IV Fluids at Home

When life throws you for a loop there’s no reason to postpone your IV therapy appointment. At Vida-Flo we strive to provide a quality customer experience, even if it means serving you from the comfort of your home or the convenience of a hotel. With our mobile IV therapy services, we’re making it easier than […]