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IV Therapy for Migraines | Vida-Flo Nashville Services

If you suffer from migraines, you know just how crippling they can be. And according to the Migraine Research Foundation, it is an issue that plagues nearly 12% of the population – including children.  An unfortunate statistic that leaves many people seeking preventative and treatment. A cause that Vida-Flo is proud to be a part […]

Train & Recover Better | Nashville IV Therapy for Athletes

In today’s world, the importance of regular physical activity is non-negotiable! But for many people, exercise goes beyond wellness and is closer to a passion. Whether they participate in long-distance running, bike racing, swimming, or any other sport. The goal? To improve their overall performance as an amateur or professional athlete. To do so, however, […]

IV Hydration for Anti-Aging | Vida-Flo Franklin

Dehydration becomes more common as we age. For instance, studies show that 40% of older adults are chronically dehydrated. Unfortunately, chronic dehydration can have serious impacts on your body, both mentally and physically. Today we’ll be covering some of the causes and symptoms of dehydration. Plus, how IV hydration for anti-aging can help relieve pain […]