If you’ve ever spent a night out drinking in Chattanooga, chances are you had an unbearable hangover the next morning. Since hangovers are a clear result of dehydration, many people make a point to consume a ton of water after a night out of drinking or when they wake up in the morning. While drinking a good amount of H2O will help rehydrate and replenish your body, one of the best ways to rid a hangover is through IV hydration. While there are many benefits to IV hydration, below are a few of our favorites.

IV Hydration Will Rehydrate You Faster Than Drinking Water

When most people are thirsty, they drink water and feel relieved soon after. If you drink a couple bottles of water when you wake up after a night of drinking, you may feel quenched shortly after, however, water will not completely remedy your hangover. In fact, when you drink water after consuming a bunch of alcohol, you’re really just hydrating the tissues inside your mouth, tongue and throat. The water you drink is actually absorbed in your lower gastrointestinal tract, specifically in the large intestine, so it can take up to several hours before your body starts to benefit from the rehydrating effects of water.

Next time you have a hangover, stop by Vida-Flo in Chattanooga for IV hydration. When our IV fluids are hooked up to your body, you will feel rehydrated immediately since the fluids go directly into your bloodstream. This can help increase your body’s overall fluid level right away, meaning you’ll feel significantly better, faster.

IV Hydration Helps Nausea

One of the worst parts of a hangover is dealing with feelings of nausea. Not only does your stomach ache and churn, a hangover can make it extremely difficult to keep food and even water down. When you’re body starts rejecting the water you’re drinking, it’s time to stop by Vida-Flow for IV hydration. When you visit our state-of-the-art facility, our IV hydration fluids will be given to you intravenously, meaning they will bypass your digestive system completely and will not make you nauseous.

IV Hydration Can Fuel Your Body With Electrolytes

When your body is suffering from dehydration, you need more than just water to bounce back quickly from a hangover. IV hydration can give your body the electrolytes and nutrients it needs to replace water as well as minerals such as calcium, sodium, and potassium. With the help of added nutrients, your body will be able to rehydrate and restore itself quicker than just drinking water.

Whether you’re brand new to IV hydration or have been reaping the health benefits of IV hydration for years, Vida-Flow offers high-quality dehydration treatment options to cure any hangover. When you visit our IV hydration facility in Chattanooga, we’ll take the time to understand your symptoms and ailments before recommending the best IV hydration treatment for you. To learn more about our wellness packages and treatments, browse our website or contact us today!