Over the past few years, CrossFit has become extremely popular among workout gurus and personal trainers alike. With its constantly varied, high-intensity movements, CrossFit is a challenging training program that builds strength and conditioning outside of commercial gyms. The CrossFit games season spans from the end of February through July, with athletes jumping on these opportunities to show off their impressive strength and endurance. At Vida-Flo in Chattanooga, we’ve helped hundreds of athletes prepare and recover from CrossFit competitions through our state-of-the-art IV treatments. Whether you’re ramping up for your first CrossFit competition or your tenth, there are a variety of things you can do to gain a competitive advantage.

1. Have Fun

Perhaps the most important tip in this article — make sure to have fun! During your first five to ten CrossFit competitions, try not to worry too much about your performance or how you’re going to look on the competition floor. If you’re attending your first CrossFit competition, make a mental note that your participation will simply be a learning experience in and of itself. Soak up the sights and sounds of other, more seasoned, athletes and make note of their successes in performance.

2. Wake Up Early & Eat A Good Breakfast

Most CrossFit competitions start early in the morning, so it’s important to ensure you have the necessary fuel to power through the day long competition. We recommend waking up at least three hours before your competition, so you have ample time to eat a hearty breakfast and wake up your body. If you wind up waking up an hour before the competition, you run the risk of becoming fatigued more quickly and your ability to recover between sets will be greatly reduced. If you’re looking for an added boost in energy and physical performance, visit our IV hydration clinic in Chattanooga. We offer a variety of IV treatments specifically designed to restore fluids and vitamins in your body!

3. Be Safe

Everyone wants to be able to put in 150% on competition day, even at the expense of their own body. While you may feel inclined to bump up your weights the day of the CrossFit competition, it’s important to pick weights and reps that you know your body can handle. If your clean personal record (PR) is 150lbs, don’t up your weights to 200lb the day of the competition because you’re feeling overly confident. This can easily lead to injury, so you should always opt for a weight you’re comfortable with.

4. Recover Safely

Recovering safely after a workout is just as important as training. While many CrossFit athletes rely on proper nutrition, deep tissue work and ice baths to reset their engines, many forget the most important part of recovery — sleep! Sleep is a critical component to your CrossFit competition success not only for alertness, but so your body can properly promote tissue repair and muscle growth. If you’re looking to add a little more clarity to your mental and physical physique, stop by Vida-Flo in Chattanooga for one of our hydration therapy treatments. Our Alert: Oxygen IV therapy treatment uses pure oxygen to heighten concentration and alertness while stabilizing the nervous system. If you want to increase your aerobic stamina before your big CrossFit competition, this is an easy way to do so!

5. Embrace Pre-Competition Butterflies

If you get antsy and nervous thinking about your upcoming CrossFit competition, embrace the butterflies! Competition is stressful, and as humans we biologically need to prepare ourselves to handle stress. The human stress response begins in the brain and eventually recruits the adrenals to release cortisol and adrenaline throughout your body. This is actually your body’s way of mobilizing energy and providing your muscles with the sugar, fats and proteins needed to perform your best! So when you feel those little butterflies start to take flight in your stomach the day of the competition, take a deep breath and let them fly.

6. Start Training Early

Training for a CrossFit competition can be extremely demanding and you should start training approximately twelve to sixteen weeks before the actual competition. In the beginning stages of your training, we recommend taking a good, honest look at where your strengths and weaknesses lie. If you struggle with self-evaluation, ask a workout buddy or coach to assess your strength and conditioning levels. This will give you pertinent information about where you should be focusing your training and where you can back off.

7. Train With People Who Are Better Than You

Whether you’re just beginning your CrossFit journey or you’ve been CrossFitting for years, training with athletes who are stronger and more skilled than you will push you to be as good as them. While normal CrossFit classes are typically held in a group setting, you likely won’t be challenged by the novice Crossfitter in your group. If you’re serious about training for your CrossFit competition, take a look at your class and start training with people you know will push you to your peak physical limits.

8. Taper Your Workout

As you get closer and closer to the date of your CrossFit competition, you’ll need to slowly start tapering your training regimen to prepare for the big day. As you slowly start to lower the intensity and load of your workout, your nervous system will adapt and start to recover. Tapering your workout also gives you the opportunity to lower your weight and decrease your reps so you can put more focus on your technique. Most CrossFit competitors will taper their workout anywhere from five days out to three weeks out depending on the duration of the competition.

9. Eat Normal Meals The Day Before

While you may be tempted to fill your body with large amounts of carbohydrates before the CrossFit competition, don’t! Unlike marathons, there’s no need to carb-load the day before your big competition. Stuffing yourself with carbs will only flood your bloodstream with sugar, which can cause your insulin to spike and leave you feeling bloated and heavy due to water retention. Instead of forcing your body to store that excess sugar as fat, eat a normal diet before your Crossfit competition.

10. Consider IV Hydration Therapy

If you’re serious about preparing your body for a CrossFit competition, stop by Vida-Flo in Chattanooga for IV hydration therapy. We’ve helped hundreds of CrossFitters prepare for competitions so they can perform at their absolute peak. When you visit our hydration therapy treatment center, our accredited medical professionals will recommend the best hydration treatment solution for you and your fitness goals. Don’t settle for sugary sports drinks and oral supplements to get the fuel you need for your CrossFit competition. Stop by Vida-Flo in Chattanooga today!